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Get a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year view of our ferry ports. Check weather conditions, watch ferry traffic and appreciate our beautiful port view. These camera views will automatically reload every 60 seconds, but if the image does not refresh automatically, simply hit refresh on your toolbar.

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Northport Ferry Dock Camera #1

Northport Ferry Dock Camera #1

Northport Ferry Dock Camera #2

Northport Ferry Dock Camera #2

Detroit Harbor Entrance Camera #3

Detroit Harbor Entrance Camera #3

Island Ferry Dock Camera #4

Island Ferry Dock Camera #4

An Island for All Seasons

Each ferry has ample deck space with open-air seating. A heated cabin provides shelter in bad weather and in winter. Photo opportunities abound on your trip through Death’s Door, so be sure to bring your still or video camera. Additionally, the island offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities suitable for warm or cool weather.


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Island beaches provide endless opportunities to explore.

Stav kirk lg ee9eba463be3b9cec5681d1630d54463bf7ab4097a4d9b46aeb6a633f152e0bd

Island Stavkirke, built in the 1990s, recreates a Norwegian church of the 1100s.


Open air lg c3fdeed200efedea92642bde1e47720eef23cd23a9f29db1967d96ae01d35ffc

Take in the views from our open-air seating areas.

Farm museum lg 1c43f19e85bd0eb08591fdb83ca7a694d8b7f4caac42378ca7a706495ab69cb4

The Washington Island Farm Museum celebrates farming on the island.


Autumn leaves lg 1d720afee4c90e502f3b7ff677f84328589da7223d4e9a6945b5a37f25bf73c4

Autumn is a gorgeous time to visit Washington Island.

Jacobsenmuseum lg 0ec62d29ed8b2f3809b7b085d61d9427cfe64cc0f1604c71f116d5d65d07d72a

The Jacobsen Museum houses a collection of island artifacts.


Winter ferry lg 633da44f19b90cf23cbebf2db37c0c011a17fddc9a50c852ca7698ba5f4893de

Ferries transit the Death’s Door Passage twice daily during the winter season.

Late ice lg 721bb0abbcfecf26dec59dea2940a8f6d5d25307c0c752bfead18c257002d2e4

Navigating Death’s Door on a sunny winter’s day.