So many great memories

June 30, 2015 | Debbie, North Dakota

My sisters and I spent countless summers with our grandparents, Gunner and Luella Gunnerson, on Washington Island and the ferry trips were definitely a highlight - especially with grandpa always racing to catch one! When we rode, the ferries departed from Gills Rock next to the Blue Onion (I believe) unless it was really rough. Grandpa would always point out Death's Door as we passed and visit with the crew since he knew them from growing up there and living on the Island during the summers after he started teaching in Indiana. I still recall the excitement of having the potato boats come into sight as I knew we were close to docking. My memories are of riding the Richter, Griffin, Voyager, and Errybakka (Spelling). Some off the best memories of my life due to amazing grandparents!

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